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Baby Stuffed Cookies

Baby Stuffed Cookies

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Be one of the first to try our brand new and very exciting, Baby Stuffed Cookies!

With a mix of 8 delicious mini versions of our best-selling stuffed cookies, these babies pack all the flavour of our big boys - at a fraction of their size! Perfect for the indecisive cookie lovers of the world!

Kinder Inspired Stuffed Cookie vanilla cookie base | wafer, milk + dark chocolate mixins | white chocolate praline filling

Double Caramel Log Stuffed Cookie vanilla cookie base | caramel log, milk + dark chocolate mixins | dulce de leche filling

Nutella + Hazelnut Stuffed Cookie chocolate cookie base | roasted hazelnut + white chocolate mixins | nutella filling

Lemon Birthday Cake Stuffed Cookie vanilla + lemon cookie base | white chocolate, sprinkles + party rings mixins | homemade creamy lemon filling

Tea and Biscuits Stuffed Cookie vanilla cookie base | milk + dark chocolate, milk chocolate digestives mixins | homemade black tea infused white chocolate ganache filling

Cookie Cookie Cookie Stuffed Cookie vanilla cookie base | milk + dark chocolate,  maryland cookie chunks | homemade chocolate ganache filling

Triple Biscoff Stuffed Cookie vegan vanilla cookie base | vegan milk + dark chocolate, lotus biscuits, biscoff filled lotus biscuit mixins | biscoff filling

Oreo Chocolate Chip Stuffed Cookie vegan vanilla cookie base | oreos, dark chocolate mixins | double stuff oreo + dark chocolate ganache filling


DELIVERY: We post every Wednesday with DHL next day delivery. We post all available delivery slots at the start of every month, to allow you to order in advance if required! Please be aware, our boxes do not fit through a letterbox.


ALLERGY INFORMATION (All items come individually packaged in biodegradable bags)

Biscoff Cheesecake Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, soy, eggs, milk

Nutella + Hazelnut Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, soy, eggs, milk, nuts (hazelnuts)

Kinder Inspired Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, soy, eggs, milk, nuts (hazelnuts)

Double Caramel Log Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, soy, eggs, milk

Lemon Birthday Cake Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Tea and Biscuits Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Cookie Cookie Cookie Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Triple Biscoff Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, soy.

Oreo Chocolate Chip Stuffed Cookie contains: gluten, soy

Please note: due to the fact we use nuts in our kitchen on a daily basis, we do not recommend anyone with a severe nut allergy consumes our products. If you have any further questions regarding allergens, please email fullcirclebakes@outlook.com and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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