Christmas Blondie + Brownie Box

Christmas Blondie + Brownie Box

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Each Christmas Blondie + Brownie Box contains 6 of our most festive flavours:

1x Mince Pie Blondie (vanilla blondie base, dark chocolate chunks, shortbread pieces, orange zest mincemeat)

1x Biscoff + Stroopwafel Blondie  (vanilla blondie base, white chocolate chunks, stroopwafel pieces, biscoff)

1x Spiced Berry Birthday Cake Blondie  (vanilla + cinnamon blondie base, white chocolate chunks, funfetti sprinkles, spiced berry jam)

1x Pecan + Butterscotch Brownie (chocolate brownie base, milk + dark chocolate chunks, pecans, butterscotch)

1x Chai Caramel + Pretzel Brownie  (chocolate brownie base, dark chocolate chunks, chai spiced dulce de leche, salted pretzels)

1x Pistachio Cookie Dough Brownie  (chocolate brownie base, white chocolate chunks, pistachios, pistachio praline, pistachio + white choc cookie dough)



 There will be 2 available time slots to collect:

1. Thursday the 23rd of December, 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

2. Friday the 24th of December, 8am - 3pm.

You will be able to pick your time slot prior to checkout. Please be aware that if you don't collect your order by 3pm on the 24th, we will be unable to offer you a alternative collection time/refund.


Allergy Information:

Mince Pie Blondie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Biscoff + Stroopwafel Blondie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Spiced Berry Birthday Cake Blondie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Pecan + Butterscotch Brownie  contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy, nuts (pecans.)

Chai Caramel + Pretzel Brownie contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy.

Pistachio Cookie Dough Brownie  contains: gluten, milk, eggs, soy, nuts (pistachios.)

Please note - As our kitchen is very small and we use nut products on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee any of our baked goods are suitable for nut allergy sufferers. For more information please email


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