Okay, I need some Full Circle Bakes in my life… how do I order?
So, you’ve got a couple of options. We’re primarily operating as a postal business right now, to keep everyone safe and sound as we navigate through lockdown number… what number are we on now?

Postal drops take place every couple of weeks but be warned, they sell out fast. On the day of the drop, all available pre-order slots will go live at the same time to make it as fair as possible. Usually, we’ll put the pre-orders live a week before they’re sent out, so there’s plenty of time to organise and prep for the mountain of baking. All postal drops will be announced with plenty of time, and the best way to stay in the loop is to follow us on social media and sign up to our mailing list.

Occasionally, we will have additional pop up events or special collection only launches from our Glasgow-based bakery. We’ve not got anything in the pipeline at the moment (because our bakery is small, and no one wants to have to queue in the rain!) but if you keep an eye on our social media and sign up to get our emails, you’ll be among the first to know what’s happening. Pinky promise.

When will the bakery be open to buy from directly?

Soon! We're working away on getting it ready for our customers, but it takes time. We're trying to balance the fit out with our postal and collection drops, so that you guys can still get our bakes whilst we work on the renovation. The current timeline is to have the shop open by late spring/early summer and all announcements will be shared on social media as soon as we've got a date!

I run a cafe/coffee shop/restaurant/insert business here - can I stock your bakes?
We’ve got limited availability for wholesale clients at the moment, but it’s definitely something we can talk about in the future! For more information, check out our dedicated wholesale section and sign up to the wholesale mailing list.

How long will the baked goods last?
If you have the willpower to not eat them all at once, we salute you! You can store your bakes in an airtight container at room temperature, and we’d recommend eating them within 3 days so you can enjoy them fresh. If you’re not going to eat them within 3 days, we’d recommend popping them in the freezer until you’re ready. All of our baked goods are suitable for freezing, just double wrap them in clingfilm, tinfoil or similar for protection.

Can I heat my cookies up?
Yes, we strongly recommend that you do! The heating information will be included in your order, but here it is again in case you’ve misplaced the card…

  • If you’re heating cookies from room temperature, you’ll want your oven to be at 180c and you can cook them for about 5-7 minutes. We definitely don’t recommend microwaving them, because you won’t get the same indulgent gooey texture that makes our cookies special.
  • To heat your cookies from frozen, pop them in a preheated oven at 180c for around 10 minutes. They should be slightly soft to the touch, and the chocolate will be nice and melty.
  • To defrost your blondies and brownies, unwrap them and leave them on the side, they’ll be ready to devour in roughly 60 minutes.
  • If you want to warm up your brownies and blondies, you can pop them in the microwave for a super quick 10-15 second blast - but keep a close eye on them! They’re very gooey, so too long in the microwave will turn them into a total puddle - albeit a very tasty puddle.

Do I need to sign for my order, or will it fit in the letterbox?
All postal orders are sent via courier for next day delivery, but there are sometimes delays due to the ongoing Covid situation at the moment. You’ll get automatic shipping notifications via email or text (as long as you’ve given us your details at check out!) so you’ll be kept in the loop with where your order is.

At Full Circle Bakes, we firmly believe that the chunkier, the better. As a result, our bakes aren’t going to fit through your letterbox, because they’re hella chonks. Have you seen our Instagram? Those bad boys ain’t fitting through no letterbox.

How will my order be packaged for transportation?
We are committed to making our products as eco-friendly as we humanly can. Everything will be packaged safely in cardboard boxes, with filler made from recycled coffee cups for extra padding. All bakes are wrapped in unbleached parchment which is fully recyclable & biodegradable.

Do you make custom celebration cakes?
Nope, sorry! This isn’t something that we offer.

Can I order a custom flavour or box?
Not right now! We have a very small team in a very small kitchen, so we don’t have the capacity to offer this right now. It’s something we’ll maybe look at introducing in the future, though, so watch this space...

I really like my friend and I’d like to get them an amazing gift - do you do gift vouchers?
You have good taste. Again, this is something else that we don’t have the capacity for at the moment due to the incredible demand for indulgent bakes. We’ll be bringing these back in the future though, so keep your eyes peeled.

How many calories are in one of your cookies?
Let’s be real here… you don’t want to know. We’ll put it this way: they are giant cookies, packed to the brim with delicious fillings and they weigh a small ton. They’re definitely not diet-friendly.

It’s my pal/mum/boyfriend/dog/sister/neighbour’s birthday on this very specific date - can I order something for then?
You must really like them. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity for custom orders at the moment, but it’s something we are looking at offering in the future.

Do you have gluten-free/dairy-free/nut-free options?
Due to the nature of our kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any of our bakes are gluten-free. There are understandably very strict regulations surrounding gluten-free products and we would never want to put any of our customers at risk. Gluten is an airborne allergen, and we use a lot of flour in our very small kitchen.

The same goes for nut-free, and while we have a variety of options that don’t contain any nuts, the nature of our small kitchen means that we cannot guarantee there won’t be any cross-contamination. We don’t recommend that anyone with a severe nut allergy eats our bakes.

We do have plenty of delicious vegan options for each drop that Jacky has worked hard to develop! Even non-vegans can’t believe they’re dairy-free, so they’re pretty damn good.

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